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Being Reunited With Good Friends...

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Have you ever got to the end of a really absorbing book and suddenly found yourself feeling utterly bereft, because there's no more to the story?

Has there been a time when you've said to yourself, "I wasn't ready for this to end", even when the tale was complete?

Has it felt like a real wrench, saying goodbye to certain characters you've got to know, like and understand?

Well, you're not alone in that...

Nothing makes me happier than a follow-on book; one that allows me to find out more about the characters I came to feel like I already knew. A second story adds real depth to the friends I've made in that very first one.

I love authors who cross-reference characters in their work! Maeve Binchy, Debbie Macomber and Sophie Kinsella, and other authors besides, gave me a ringside seat to observe characters as the stories progressed, each time adding more flesh to the bones of the people I came to recognise and genuinely like. I was always happy to be reunited with them, when the next story came out. They introduced me to people I found myself starting to care about. It made me appreciate that there's a really important place for extended stories that are told really well.

I'm writing my own series now, all centred around the notion of vibrational energy and what a little bit of unseen but very real magic can do to heal someone who's broken.

I'm looking forward to bringing the first of these stories to you soon.

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