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The Theory Behind the Stories

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Certain places make our hearts sing, don't they? We just love to be in locations that gently speak to our souls and make us feel at peace. Something resonates, and we just somehow know we are where we really want to be. We might not be able to explain it, but it's real, and its all to do with vibrations and frequencies that come up from deep within our Earth, and which also surround us within the universe that our planet is part of.

I will try to explain here the theory behind the "magic" of Teapot Cottage. It is really not magic at all, but it definitely is something that will help us all live more comfortable lives, if we choose to understand it. Bear with me while I try to explain vibrational energy in the simplest terms I can muster, from the beginnning of how I came to understand it myself.

I was never very good at science, at high school. I stumbled my way through biology, chemistry just left me in a frazzled heap of bewilderment, and although physics did interest me up to a point, I'd already given up on myself as having more than half a scientifically oriented brain cell. It all felt so far beyond me at the time, I actually remember very little about what I learned, apart from kinetic energy, where you bash something against something else to move something else beyond that. The transference of energetic momentum. That, I did understand. What I didn't understand at the time was just how important that actually is, or how significant a foundation it would become in my own life in later years. In line with my belief that there is no such thing as coincidence, I do feel that it was the only part of my science education I was meant to remember!

So when the theory of vibrational energy crossed my path and grabbed my attention, later in life, I kind of got it - that whole thing about how certain actions or inactions have an energetic or vibrational consequence, to put it in the simplest of terms. If you don't bash that thing with the other thing, the third thing doesn't receive any energy. Cause and effect.

And I came to appreciate the scientifically ratified fact that all things in our universe emit a frequency, because they are in fact constantly in motion, Even inanimate objects that don't move in ways that we can see are all vibrating or resonating at different frequencies. So yes, your sofa and your socks emit frequencies, just like your cat and dog do, whether you believe it or not.

It stands to reason then, that certain frequencies align and others don't. Have you ever walked into a room and taken an instant dislike to someone, even though you've never met or spoken? You might not understand why it is, but in the simplest terms (again) its the fact that their "aura" - their vibrational frequency - clashes with your own. You won't get along, without some serious effort to make significant adjustments to the energy waves that are literally banging into one another on a level beyond what we generally understand or know how to manage. This inability to communicate effectively is the ethereal equivalent of white noise. We find it distinctly uncomfortable. It can in fact be so severe that there's no way forward. Some people, some things, some images, sounds etc, we simply have to walk away from because our frequencies can't align with theirs.

And let's remember too, that our own or other people's frequencies can change as we go through life, maybe as the result of trauma, a change in lifestyle or circumstances, or even just a simple evolution of general or specific awareness. That's the main reason why certain relationships come to an end, and others start or become more important. We might say "I don't know what happened. One minute she was my friend, the next minute she disappeared from my life and I never heard another word." Or, we might say "Lately we just can't get along! No matter what I say or do, it's the wrong thing."

Rest assured, such developments are not random, and its entirely likely that neither of you was "at fault". Simply, someone's vibrational energy changed, and the compatibility was no longer there. I once loved someone very much, but then I became dangerously ill, and after a general anasethetic and a prolonged recovery period I found I'd lost the desire to maintain the relationship. The love was still there but it wasn't the same. My vibrational energy had undergone a massive change and was no longer as well-aligned as it had been previously, with that person. He was in the same place, frequentially, but I'd moved to a different one. I just wish I'd known then what I know now. I could have saved myself a lot of pain through beating myself up about leaving!

So, let me explain about big impact, now. Vibrationally, epic clashes definitely exist. But, under Universal Law, the quest for balance is ever-present to provide us with nomalcy and comfort because, when things are out of balance, we see or feel it in a negative way. It is logical, then, that if there are epic clashes there are also epic compatabilities - and even actual harmonies that exist as well. And this is what I have created at Teapot Cottage. Powerful vibrational harmonies that promote exponential healing.

I believe - devoutly - in healing energies and the awesome power they bring. Vibrational forces, in various forms, trigger the human and animal body's natural ability to heal with the frequencies they emit. Reiki, drum and other vibrational healers know how to provide distanced healing via frequencies that align with and are absorbed by a person who needs it. There are unseen, powerfully positive vibrations operating in specific places, all over the world. Prayer is another example. Prayer is submiting requests for positivity and healing to enter the world. When aimed at specific people and situations, many people are unshakeably convinced that the vibration created by prayer does make a positive difference. The greater the vibration, the more powerful the result.

Vibrations are critical to our wellbeing. As the mind and body are interconnected and cannot be separated, what affects one will have an impact on the other. Negative vibrations, like persistent negative comments, gaslighting, neglect, real or threatened violence, unjustified deprivation of freedom, abandonment, and other forms of abuse, are capable of harming or even destroying the human psyche and, in turn, the human body. The natural element of persistent bad weather can be negative too, which poses big challenges for many. Positive frequencies, such as those provided by other natural elements, such as the presence of water or trees, nuture and support emotional health. On rainy day, we can still make ourselves feel better by heading to the forest with the dog. Universal balance, again!

Many people respond well to the sound of surf crashing on a rock, or simply spending time with animals. Chromatherapy, the application of colour frequencies to heal specific ailments that respond to those frequencies, has been around since the Egyptians first had colored panels in the pyramids to act as healing chambers of light, thousands of years ago. Sound therapies such as whale calls, waves on a beach and birdsong provide frequencies that align and soothe, making us feel better. Nails across a blackboard or a knife across a plate, not so much! Frequential clashes and compatibilities are very real, and we feel them all the time.

Its the compatibilities - the harmonies - that I focus on with the Teapot Cottage novels. I'm harking back now to what's behind the feelings we get, of being at peace in certain places we love to go to. Earth energies - ley lines - are a manifestation of earth frequencies that operate in specific ways in specific locations. That's what I mean when I'm talking about healing places and spaces. Certainly, not everyone believes they exist, which is fine, but those of us who are more attuned to different frequencies do believe that there are places in the world where certain energies flourish, whether they are good or bad. I have created Teapot Cottage as a place where healing energy is concentated, where people dealing with various forms of trauma or crisis are drawn, usually without being aware of the fact that they need this kind of healing. Those who believe in Universal Law will already understand this concept, and for those who don't, well, maybe after reading one or two of these books, they might perhaps be open to the concepts of frequencies and vibrational healing, a little more.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you, epecially if you've had a healing experience or a positive epiphany after being in a place that makes you feel good, or brave, or hopeful. We all need places like that. Teapot Cottage, for some of its guests, is that all-important place.

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