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No Small Change
(Book #1 in the Teapot Cottage Tales) 
Available NOW!

The ‘change of life’ means menopause.  But what if it also means reinvention, with the help of a little bit of magic?

     Adie Bostock is a self-confessed ‘basket-case.’ She’s fifty-two, at the mercy of her haphazard hormones, and struggling to face the end of her marriage. Alone for Christmas and fed up with family drama, she lands at Teapot Cottage where she plans to wallow in guilt and self-pity in private.
     But the cottage, with its mysterious healing energy, has other plans for Adie and she soon finds out that it takes more than one person to make things fall apart, and more than one to put them back together.
     Confirmed widower Mark Raven is a rough-edged farmer determined to hide his heart. He’s battling with grief and ageing, and keeping his rather dreamy daughter at least partly in the real world. Romance is not on his radar.
     Adie and Mark want to keep things purely platonic, but an unseen influence is nudging them in a different direction. Then Adie’s husband decides he wants her back. It’s what she’s been praying for, but is it still what she really wants?


Escape to the Lakes District, with this magical, life-affirming story about overcoming adversity and finding love again later in life.

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The Power of Notes and Spells     
(Book #2 in the Teapot Cottage Tales)
Available NOW!

Every woman dreams of finding the love of her life. But what do you do when yours brings baggage that can hurt you and your family?


     Feen Raven is often described as more than just a little bit barmy. The young ‘white witch’ has finally found her soulmate, but old family wounds are opened again when she finds out who he’s involved with.

     Gavin Black is on an unhappy errand that forces him to reconnect with his estranged mother. All he wants is to claim what’s his and go home again, without any complications.

     Carla Walton can’t let go of a grudge. After a lifetime of pushing everyone away, she is isolated, bitter, and blaming everyone else for her problems. She wants to be left alone so she can keep ignoring her demons.

     But Teapot Cottage, with its mysterious ability to heal the broken-hearted, always has a more complicated agenda for people who don’t want to rake up the past. Pretty soon, Gavin, Feen and Carla come to question everything they think they do

and don’t want in life.


     Will love and a little bit of magic help them find a way forward? Or will old family fractures be too hard to heal?


Come to the Lake District, to a gentle place where a beautiful blend of music and magic can heal the hardest hearts.

Buy your copy of 'The Power of Notes and Spells' here

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A Moral Swerve   
Available NOW!


Nobody expects to come home to find intruders - But what would you do if you did?

     Alison Jones is single, lives alone, and doesn’t have a lot of self-awareness. But, after coming home to find burglars in her house, she does a terrible thing without thinking, and is forced to confront some ugly truths about herself.

     Darren Davies is a petty thief, stuck in the revolving door between small-time crime and prison. After he makes the biggest mistake of his life, he is compelled to re-evaluate the path his life is taking, and deal with the demons that drive him.

     When Darren and Alison’s lives intersect, they each find themselves on a soul-searing journey, as they struggle to come to terms with the catastrophic impact of their acts and omissions. After stumbling through the wreckage, the future for them both becomes crystal clear, but it’s not what either of them expected.

     As one door opens and another slams shut, choices expand and diminish.  

At the crossroads of Beginnings and Endings... Who decides to go where?


Buy your copy of 'A Moral Swerve' here


When It's Meant To Happen           
(Book #3 in the Teapot Cottage Tales)

Having a baby is something most women dream of and plan for. But what does it mean if you can’t make it happen, no matter how hard you try?


     Debby Davies longs for a family of her own. She is desperate to have a baby with the husband she adores, but fruitless years of trying to conceive have left her feeling like a failure. It’s starting to make her crazy, that she can’t seem to achieve the one thing she always felt destined to do.

     Darren Davies is at his wits’ end with his wife. Her simmering resentment is changing her in ways that really scare him, and the horrible way her parents treat him is starting to take its toll. He’s beginning to question whether their marriage can survive what feels like a never-ending series of storms.

     As their doubts take hold, that their love can survive, they know they’re in the last chance saloon. But Teapot Cottage, with its mystical ability to pour balm on battered souls, has plans for Debby and Darren that show them what’s possible in ways they could never have imagined.

     Can they stay together and face a very different future from the one they had planned, or will the challenges prove too much, and force them to go their separate ways?


Buy your copy of 'When It's Meant To Happen' here 

Come and spend a while in the Lake District town of Torley, where lives can change and anything can happen, in ways people never predict.

A Moral Swerve        COMING IN MARCH 2024!

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Ruin, Reins and Redemption           
(Book #4 in the Teapot Cottage Tales)

Everyone makes mistakes, and some of them are hard to come back from. When you’ve taken someone else’s life, and destroyed your family in the process, where do you begin, to pull things back together?


Stuart Thomson is a disgraced lawyer whose catastrophic error of judgement has all but ruined his life. By the time he leaves prison, after six years, he no longer has a career, a home or a marriage, and his troubled teenage daughter is barely speaking to him.

Meghan Thomson is almost fifteen. She’s a mixed-up mess of anger and confusion, and she has no idea how she feels about anything at all, especially her father. When he books a holiday to the Lake District together, to reconnect, it’s the last thing she really wants to do with a man she doesn’t trust.

On holiday, father and daughter both struggle to understand each other. But Teapot Cottage, with its enigmatic way of turning troubled lives around, reveals an amazing opportunity they once could never have imagined. The future on offer means a whole new level of faith and commitment from them both, to make it happen.

Stuart and Meghan desperately need a new start. Can they trust themselves and each other enough to make it happen? Or does the heartbreak of the past make the leap of faith too tough?


In Torley town, in a very special cottage, lives are often transformed with the help of ‘a little bit of love and magic.’

Buy Your Copy of Ruin, Reins and Redemption here

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