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Welcome to Torley Town!

     Torley is a little town, nestled deep in the valley of the same name, in the Lake

District of England.  It's a quiet, little-known place that nobody would ever manage

to find without very detailed instructions! The community is made up mostly of

farmers, commuters to the nearby city of Carlisle, and independent businesses.

You won't find a single chain store in the entire town!

     Torley is home to Ravensdown Farm and on the edge of the farm, in a separate

field, is a very special little place. Teapot Cottage serves as a holiday house.

Mysteriously, it somehow seems to attract people who are dealing with different

kinds of trauma, and who are at a major crossroads in their lives. Most who arrive

don't actually realise they've been gently 'pulled' there by circumstance.

     Teapot Cottage is a healing place, and people who are drawn there find

themselves responding to the unique energy that exists within its walls. Usually, they can't explain it. Generally, they simply feel like a 'little bit of magic' has happened to them because, by the time they leave again, they feel a whole lot better about themselves and their lives. Some find extraordinary new directions, while others find resolution, courage and determination to deal with their demons for once and for all.  

     Every story is different, but the friendly townsfolk of Torley are always in the background. They are never far away, and you'll meet them often, in all kinds of situations, as they randomly pop up, to offer a warm welcome or a little bit of guidance or advice.     

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Who is
Adie Raven?

She's the first protagonist in the

Teapot Cottage Tales!

Everything begins with Adie's story!

"Inspiring Woman of the Week"

on Lakeside Chatter FM

Click below to read the transcript of

her recent interview




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