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Ruin, Reins and Redemption

Ruin, Reins and Redemption

Everyone makes mistakes, and some of them are hard to come back from. When you've taken someone else's life, and destroyed your family in the process, where do you begin, to pull things back together?


Stuart Thomson is a disgraced lawyer whose catastrophic error of judgement has all but ruined his life. By the time he leaves prison after six years, he no longer has a career, a home or a marriage, and his troubled teenage daughter is barely speaking to him.


Meghan Thomson is almost fifteen. She's a mixed-up mess of anger and confusion, and she has no idea how she feels about anything at all, especially her father. When he books a holiday to the Lake District together to reconnect, it's the last thing she really wants to do with a man she doesn't trust.


On holiday, father and daughter both struggle to understand each other. But Teapot Cottage, with its enigmatic way of turning troubled lives around, reveals an amazing opportunity they once could never have imagined. The future on offer means a whole new level of faith and commitment from them both, to make it happen.


Stuart and Meghan desperately need a new start. Can they trust themselves and each other enough to make it happen? Or does the heartbreak of the past make the leap of faith too tough?


In Torley town, in a very special cottage, lives are often transformed with the help of 'a little bit of love and magic.'


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