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A Moral Swerve

A Moral Swerve

Nobody comes home expecting to find intruders - But what would you do if you did?


Alison Jones is single, lives alone, and doesn’t have a lot of self-awareness. But, after coming home to find burglars in her house, she does a terrible thing without thinking, and is forced to confront some ugly truths about herself.


Darren Davies is a petty thief, stuck in the revolving door between small-time crime and prison. After he makes the biggest mistake of his life, he is compelled to re-evaluate the path his life is taking, and deal with the demons that drive him.


When Darren and Alison’s lives intersect, they each find themselves on a soul-searing journey, as they struggle to come to terms with the catastrophic impact of their acts and omissions. After stumbling through the wreckage, the future for them both becomes crystal clear, but it’s not what either of them expected.


As one door opens and another slams shut, choices expand and diminish.


At the crossroads of Beginnings and Endings, who decides to go where?


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