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The Power of Notes and Spells

The Power of Notes and Spells

Every woman dreams of finding the love of her life.
But what do you do when yours brings baggage that can hurt you and your family?

Feen Raven is often described as more than just a little bit barmy. The young ‘white witch’ has finally found her soulmate, but old family wounds are opened again when she finds out who he’s involved with.


Gavin Black is on an unhappy errand that forces him to reconnect with his estranged mother. All he wants is to claim what’s his and go home again, without any complications.


Carla Walton can’t let go of a grudge. After a lifetime of pushing everyone away, she is isolated, bitter, and blaming everyone else for her problems. She wants to be left alone so she can keep ignoring her demons.


But Teapot Cottage, with its mysterious ability to heal the broken-hearted, always has a more complicated agenda for people who don’t want to rake up the past. Pretty soon, Gavin, Feen and Carla come to question everything they think they do 
and don’t want in life.


Will love and a little bit of magic help them find a way forward? Or will old family fractures be too hard to heal?


Come to the Lake District, to a gentle place where a beautiful blend of music and magic can heal the hardest hearts. 


    You can buy your copy of The Power of Notes and Spells NOW, in either electronic or paperback format, using this direct link

    Your copy in electronic or paperback format will be delivered to you at your nominated email or physical address respectively.

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