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When It's Meant To Happen

When It's Meant To Happen

     Darren and Debby Davies book a month's holiday at Teapot Cottage in a last ditch effort to save their marriage, after years of unexplainable infertility have forced it to the brink of collapse.

     Debby is despairing, and resentful of every other woman with children. Darren is angry and also bewildered, with no idea how to reach his ever-retreating wife. There's no money left for any more IVF, and they're exhausted and nearly flat broke with no idea what to do next.

     Darren believes he can come to terms with never being a parent but for Debby it's a different story. Will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice for love and let Debby go, to try and have the baby she's so desperate for, with somebody else? 

     Or can the mysterious energy within the walls of Teapot Cottage help them heal their marriage and find a way forward?


    You will soon be able to buy your copy of When It's Meant To Happen using a direct link which will be posted here as soon as it is available. Your copy in electronic or paperback format will be delivered to you at your nominated email or physical address respectively.

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